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The President Son And that i.
Season 1.
Episode 6
As I laid on mattress reflecting on all that occurred within the Eating place among me and Richard,I couldn’t simply give up myself from smiling.
Richard featuring to me was once cool for the reason that I do know pretty much that am naturing thoughts for him yet I believe I shouldn’t simply be given now,me accepting straight away to his idea might make it appear to be I general since I discovered out he's the President’s son.
perhaps I might had stated certain to him or more beneficial nonetheless “let me call to mind it and provides you a reply” if I hadn’t discover his accurate identification. A knock dropped at the door
Me: who's there,open up the door isn’t locked * the door opened and Richard surfaced,right this moment I jumped up on my toes *
Richard: what’s improper,why did you allow like that? * he requested innocently preserving a branded bag,I didn’t reply,I simply mopped * did I say a specific thing terrible?
Me: what in which you watching for? that I have to leap on you since you are a first-class citizen of those nation and also you proposed to me? no inform me !
Richard: no,its unlike that * seems careworn * okay high-quality,am sorry,here's the meal you left in the back of * he stretched it to me yet I didn’t be given it so he dropped it at the desk beside him there in my room* take care.
He became returned and left the room,I don’t recognise if to mention sorry or allow him cross yet I determined to left him cross,regardless that I felt dangerous the style I handled him yet many stuff ran thru my intellect,such things as ” is he for precise or simply a participant,isn’t he a scholar,what's he as much as,are mine doing the correct aspect and the like ” I weakly sat on my mattress seeking to manage my suggestions
Me: are my falling in love with him or its simply an infatuation? oh God,am undecided of what I believe,simply support me * I murmured to myself *
Hours later I took the bag and opened it,I introduced out the contents of the bag,a rose flower, follow it its a designed card which reads ” always remember you had a chum like me in view that I might always remember I had an angel as you” my coronary heart beat higher
Me: does those suggest I superb bye * scared *
I placed it down on my mattress and taken out the already packaged spices poultry then a bottle of creamed wine.
I am getting them out no longer realizing what else to do.
I ultimately made a decision I used to be going to apology to him after i see him day after today.
written by using Michael Luxguy Augustine and legally secure
That night time Jerry and James got here to my hotel,it become already 7,I spread out the door for them
Me: * seeking to disguise my unhappiness * what are you men running approximately for,your pals are napping
James: nna shop quiet, feel free we got here
* I assume Jerry’s toes hit the wine I stored at the ground beside the mattress until now *
Jerry: * picking out it up,the room become darkish * abeg on easy,on gentle,na which type wine be dis, at the mild na
Me: * suffering at the hours of darkness to assemble it from him * drop that aspect
James: * switching at the faded * bros na creamy wine o,that sort wey we get for Caroline marriage ceremony,wait some thing is scenting ing those room like hen * sighting it * payment that factor there
Jerry: ehhhhey na Chinese language spice bird o * I finished suffering and watched them the two *
James: Helpful you depraved,so that you have fee to shop a lot of these and also you couldn’t name us?
Me: * sat at the mattress * I didn’t purchase it that man did
Either: who?
Me: Richard!
Equally: who's Richard
Jerry: let us know so that they can pass and make peers with him the very first thing the following day morning
Me: its that very same man that I informed you equally approximately
James: o lo lo seem to be
Jerry: is like that dude is f-----g wealthy
James: a GEE boy
Me: that’s your President son
Each: president?
James: hahaha,he desires to dupe you be that
Me: what do you suggest?
James: president son in collage of Lagos while aircraft by no means burn conclude and the visa embassy certainly not die
Jerry: aunty president abi even governor young people don’t institution in Nigeria even self e rough to determine a neighborhood executive chairman pikin for Nigeria e come be president pikin
Me: * I used to be approximately announcing whatever thing whilst the flashback got here to my head * he's the President son, I will be aware I observed him along with his father the remaining time I went to abuja,sure it become Richard,how come I forgot those,he changed into the one that got here down from a type of Levels that day although I used to be going for walks with Michael,he became the man mopping at me
James: are you chatting with us?
Jerry: who's Michael?
Me: oh my God,how come I forgot
Equally: forgot what
Me: hellom
Jerry: who?
Me: in no way intellect,let’s consume the white meat at the same time
Jerry: and the wine!
Me: we drink it
A better morning I took my bathtub,obtained dressed and left to instructions,I used to be I magnificence after i learned that my per thirty days customer turned into round,I used to be on effortless,I used to be already feeling stained yet as a result of God I used to be on black skirt,I simply stored to my seat even after each lecture and with the difficult performs of so much of my direction men who had been crushing on me. I spotted Jerry and James knew I wasn’t joyful however didn’t ask wedding
after their lectures I walked to the feminine bathroom,delivered out tissue paper from my bag,wiped clean up myself and used a few to function pad until I am getting residence due to the fact that I used to be tremendously hoping to work out Richard earlier going domestic.
on popping out of the rest room I noticed Ella our assistant route rep
Ella: hello Necessary * smiling *
Me: hello
Ella: are you good enough?
Me: certain am okay,thank you * walked move *
I appeared round for Richard however didn’t see him,I don’t even comprehend if he's a scholar or now not,besides the fact that he's I don’t comprehend his branch.
for 3 days I didn't see Richard,I attempted calling yet I couldn’t in finding the range he often known as me with
I saved waiting for him to return to my motel as universal yet he under no circumstances grew to become up.
the fifth day being Monday,after lessons I noticed Richard seated on his auto,my center skipped,I attempted to being myself sooner than taking walks as much as him yet in the past I bought to him I noticed Ella run to him and that they embraced
Richard: look into my boy or girl,I ignored you
Ella: no no no I overlooked you extra.
I used to be so stunned and dumb centered,Ella of absolutely everyone with Richard. I simply became and walked abode not just upset however with pains in my middle.